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Adventure is relative. To some, it’s a relaxed stroll through a National Park with a naturist or an awe-inspiring hot air balloon ride over the pyramids at sunset. To others, it’s kayaking an ice shelf in Antarctica or a spirited trek up a volcano at dawn. We know that adventure is personal, and that’s why we’ve got it covered – from mild to wild. Topdeck, Adventures, Tours, Vacations are all synonymous with incredible travel experiences! This month, get off the beaten path with local experts, no matter your travel style. Each of our dynamic travel tour partners is poised to bring you the adventure of a lifetime, and change the way you travel. Enjoy the safety, value and convenience of an escorted adventure tour today, and save.
Travel is more than just getting from A to B and seeing the sights - it's about experiencing them and loving the journey. To get to know a country is to meet its people and to connect with the very fabric of their culture through stories, food and art.
Hear that? That’s the call of the wild. Get out there!
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World-class shopping, dining and entertainment attractions, beautiful beaches, mysterious deserts and culturally-rich heritage sites – Dubai is a must-see holiday destination, with something for everyone. From shopping enthusiasts and adventure-seekers to foodies and families, this bustling city has an eclectic mix of activities and places to suit all tastes. Whether you're looking to embark on a gourmet holiday or a sightseeing trip, explore our action-packed travel itineraries to get the best out of your Dubai visit.


Milan is attractive and charming with a vibe that balances old-world romance and history with urban grit and cosmopolitanism. Plus, it is surrounded by some of central Europe’s most beautiful countryside. From the architecture to the food, discover what gives Milan its unique character in our list of reasons to visit the city.


Santorini is the supermodel of the Greek islands, a head-turner whose face is instantly recognisable around the world: multicoloured cliffs soar out of a sea-drowned caldera, topped by drifts of whitewashed buildings. With its reputation for dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets.

berlin london

Easter bonfires in spring, boat trips and barbecues in the park in summer, light festivals in autumn, Christmas markets and wellness in winter, and sightseeing and museums in every season. A city trip to Berlin is always worthwhile: promise! Because there is always something going on in Berlin: there are numerous events taking place every day.

No matter your reason for visiting, London has something for everyone. History buffs looking to brush up on the British narrative will delight in the Tower of London. Admirers of art or theater will praise the National Gallery and the West End Theatre District. while fans of the monarchy can't skip Buckingham Palace.

berlin london

Reykjavík is strikingly cosmopolitan for its size. It's merely a town by international standards, compared with London or Paris, yet it's loaded with captivating art, rich culinary choices, and cool cafes and bars. The capital has seen a recent surge in restaurant openings, many of the highest standard, and expressing all manner of culinary creativity. Cafes by day turn into restaurants and bars at night. Tapas-style dining, high-concept Icelandic cuisine and burger joints all rub shoulders.

Rugged stone churches and dazzling monasteries dot a pristine landscape of rocky mountains and rolling hills. Transylvanian towns have stepped out of time, while vibrant Bucharest is all energy. The Carpathian Mountains draw a wide arc through the centre of the country, leaving a swath of exposed rocky peaks surrounded by groves of pine and deciduous trees, and stretches of bright green meadow below. The harsh geography has limited human habitation, and the woods are filled with deer, elk and bear.

berlin london london

Canada is more than its hulking-mountain, craggy-coast good looks: it also cooks extraordinary meals, rocks cool culture and unfurls wild, moose-spotting road trips.

No matter your reason for visiting, London has something for everyone. History buffs looking to brush up on the British narrative will delight in the Tower of London.

Few places in India are at once so traveller friendly and yet so enchanting and hassle-free as mountain-framed Leh. Dotted with stupas and whitewashed houses.

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All good Indian stories start with a queen. In the princely days before Independence, Kovalam’s story starred a quiet fishing beach, an un- assuming maharani (queen) who found the area pleasing and a clifftop palace built for her to while away the monsoon. Years later, locals followed the queen’s lead, with picnics, and hippies weren’t far behind. Now paths run through palm-tree groves to guesthouses, beach- front restaurants serve up the morning haul and beach-umbrella wallahs offer shade and lounge chairs.



In France, cheese is life. A commendable reason to visit in itself (yes, cheese tourism is a real thing) adding a little (okay, more than a little) fromage to your picnic basket is standard practice. Instead of sticking to well-known favourites you can get at home (no offence to brie and camembert) use your picnic as an opportunity to taste a little from the different regions of France. While bread and cheese is great, you’d be wise to balance out your picnic basket with some lighter bites.



There’s no need to rush your visit to Zurich, Switzerland. Take a short day trip to this picturesque waterfront city of Zurich, and spend your time relaxing by the lake or perusing one of its many museums. If you want to spend your day learning the country’s history, then check out the Swiss National Museum. This is a collection of three museums — the National Museum Zurich, the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz, and the Collections Center.